More Than One

More Than One

Worksheet Description

The “Digraph Detectives: Multiple Digraph Hunt” worksheet is an engaging resource designed to reinforce students’ understanding of digraphs—pairs of letters that combine to create distinct sounds. This worksheet challenges students to become digraph detectives as they search for words containing more than one digraph.

Instructions for Students:

  1. Word Examination: Students will encounter a list of 27 words, each carefully selected to contain one or more digraphs.
  2. Detecting Multiple Digraphs: Their mission is to closely examine each word and identify those that contain more than one digraph.
  3. Circling the Words: When they find a word with multiple digraphs, they should circle it, signaling that they have successfully detected a word with complex digraph usage.

This worksheet promotes critical thinking and reinforces phonics skills by encouraging students to analyze words for the presence of multiple digraphs. It challenges them to apply their knowledge and strengthens their ability to identify and pronounce words accurately.