Picture Match

Picture Match

Worksheet Description

The “Digraphs Picture Match” worksheet is a fun and educational resource designed to enhance students’ understanding of digraphs. A digraph is a combination of two letters that represent a single sound. This worksheet helps students identify and connect digraphs with corresponding pictures, reinforcing their phonics skills and vocabulary.

Instructions for Students:

  1. Identify Digraphs: Students will examine a variety of pictures, each representing a word with a digraph (e.g., “sh,” “ch,” “th”).
  2. Picture-Matching: They are tasked with connecting each picture to the appropriate digraph, completing the word.
  3. Word Completion: After making the connections, students write down the complete word next to each picture. This step reinforces spelling and phonics comprehension.

This worksheet is a valuable tool for building phonemic awareness, spelling proficiency, and vocabulary expansion. It engages students in a visual and interactive way to master digraphs.