Umbrellas That Break

Umbrellas That Break Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is an educational resource that features a series of numbered circles accompanied by smaller circles with pictorial representations. It is designed to help children understand the concept of decomposing numbers up to five. The main task is to identify the smaller parts that make up the whole number, as indicated in the larger circles. The pictorial representations in the smaller circles serve as visual cues to support the child’s counting and recognition of numbers.

The worksheet is intended to teach children about the foundational concept of decomposition, which is breaking down a number into its component parts. It helps in building early arithmetic skills by encouraging the recognition of different ways to make a number up to five. This activity also fosters number sense, as children learn that numbers can be constructed from various other numbers. Additionally, it promotes the development of counting skills, as the child must count the items within the smaller circles to determine the number they represent.