Compare with Cross Multiplication

Compare with Cross Multiplication Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to teach students how to compare the size of proper fractions using the technique of cross multiplication. The sheet provides an example at the top, showing how to multiply the numerator of one fraction by the denominator of the other, and vice versa, to determine which fraction is greater. The main activity consists of fourteen comparison problems where students need to use cross multiplication to compare pairs of proper fractions. Each problem has space for students to perform calculations and write which fraction is larger.

The objective of this worksheet is to develop students’ understanding of relative fraction sizes without converting to a common denominator or to decimal form. By using cross multiplication, students can determine which of two fractions is greater by comparing the cross products. This skill is particularly useful when dealing with fractions that have unlike denominators and can be applied in various mathematical contexts, including algebraic inequalities. The worksheet is intended to provide students with practice in comparing fractions, reinforcing their number sense and preparing them for more complex mathematical concepts.