Working With 3 Fractions

Working With 3 Fractions Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet is a math exercise sheet that focuses on multiplying three fractions at a time using the method of cross cancellation. Cross cancellation involves reducing the fractions by eliminating common factors between the numerators and denominators before carrying out the multiplication, to simplify the calculation. The sheet provides twelve multiplication problems, each with a trio of fractions to be multiplied together. Students are expected to apply cross cancellation to simplify the fractions before multiplying, and space is provided next to each problem for the students to write their answers.

This worksheet is intended to teach students the advanced skill of multiplying multiple fractions simultaneously while applying the technique of cross cancellation to simplify their work. By working through these problems, students learn to recognize and cancel common factors across multiple fractions, enhancing their efficiency in fraction multiplication. The exercise also aims to deepen students’ number sense and their understanding of the relationships within multiplication of fractions. Mastery of such skills is crucial for students to handle more complex algebraic expressions that involve fractions in higher-level math.