Subtract With Cross Multiplication

Subtract With Cross Multiplication Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet presents a series of mathematical problems focused on subtracting improper fractions using the method of cross multiplication. Improper fractions are those where the numerator is equal to or larger than the denominator. The sheet lists sixteen subtraction problems, each requiring the student to determine the difference between two improper fractions. For each problem, the worksheet provides space next to the equations for students to write their solutions.

The objective of this worksheet is to reinforce the concept of subtracting improper fractions through cross multiplication—a technique used to find a common denominator between two fractions. It teaches students to manage and manipulate larger numerical values within fractions, ensuring they can accurately subtract fractions that represent values greater than one whole unit. The practice provided by this worksheet is meant to build students’ confidence and proficiency in subtracting fractions, an essential skill for more advanced mathematical operations and concepts they may encounter in future studies.