Fractions to Percent and Decimals

Fractions to Percent and Decimals Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is structured into two sections, each dedicated to converting fractions into another form of numerical representation. The first section requires students to convert a given fraction into a percentage, providing practice problems with varying denominators. The second section focuses on converting fractions into decimals. Each fraction is presented with a blank space for students to write the conversion, and the range of denominators suggests the need for students to understand and apply different methods of conversion depending on the fraction.

The worksheet’s objective is to teach students how to convert fractions into percentages and decimals, which are essential skills in mathematics. The conversion to percentages helps students understand the concept of parts per hundred, which is a fundamental idea in understanding data, probability, and many real-life applications. Converting fractions into decimals aids in calculations and in understanding the decimal system, which is based on powers of ten. These exercises also enhance students’ number sense and their ability to transition between various forms of numerical representations, a key competency in numeracy.