Sound Sleuth

Sound Sleuth

Worksheet Description

Welcome to the “Consonant Blend Detectives” worksheet! This fun and interactive activity will sharpen students’ skills in recognizing and using consonant blends. Consonant blends are pairs or groups of consonants pronounced together in words. In this worksheet, students will become blend detectives as they identify the correct consonant blend for each picture.

Instructions for Students:

  1. Picture Sounds: Start by saying the name of each picture aloud. Listen carefully to the initial sounds.
  2. Blend Hunt: Circle the consonant blend you hear in each word. There are two choices provided for each picture.
  3. Word Building: After identifying the correct blend, write the complete word on the line next to the picture.

This exercise enhances phonemic awareness, spelling, and vocabulary. Students will have a blast while becoming experts in consonant blends.