Fill In The Gaps

Fill In The Gaps

Worksheet Description

Welcome to the “Consonant Blend Challenge” worksheet, where students will embark on an exciting journey into the world of consonant blends. Consonant blends are combinations of two or more consonant sounds that appear together within a word. This worksheet is designed to enhance students’ skills in identifying the correct consonant blend to complete a word.

Instructions for Students:

  1. Blend Selection: In each row, students will encounter a word with a missing consonant blend. They will need to carefully examine the word and select the correct consonant blend from the three options provided. For instance, they might decide whether “tr__ck” should be “track,” “trick,” or “truck.”
  2. Circle the Correct Blend: Once the appropriate blend has been chosen, students should circle it to indicate their answer.

This activity not only sharpens their understanding of consonant blends but also strengthens their word recognition skills.