Shade and Symbols

Shade and Symbols Worksheet

Worksheet Description

Shade the circle next to each fraction to represent the value. Then compare the values by using symbols. This worksheet is a mathematics resource designed to help students practice the comparison of fractions. It consists of pairs of fractions with corresponding pie charts underneath each one. Students are instructed to shade the pie charts to represent the given fractions and then use comparison symbols (less than, greater than, or equal to) to compare the two fractions. This visual approach helps students understand the concept of fraction sizes and their equivalence or inequality.

The worksheet teaches students to visualize fractions as parts of a whole and to compare these parts to determine their relative sizes. It reinforces the understanding that fractions represent a division of a whole into parts and that these parts can be compared by their size. By shading the pie charts, students can see which fraction represents a larger or smaller portion of the whole. The exercise also helps students to become familiar with using comparison symbols, which are essential for expressing mathematical relationships.