Draw or Explain

Draw or Explain Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to educate students about clichés, which are phrases that have become overused to the point that their original impact has been diminished. The task at hand is for students to write the meanings of six different clichés provided on the sheet. Each cliché is placed above a blank box where students are expected to articulate what each phrase typically signifies. The clichés include a range of expressions from “all bent out of shape” to “all in due time.”

The purpose of this worksheet is to ensure students understand the commonly accepted meanings behind popular clichés. It is teaching them to look beyond the literal words and grasp the figurative implications these expressions carry. This activity also aims to enhance students’ interpretive skills and their ability to understand context within language. By exploring these meanings, students can better understand how to use or avoid clichés in their own writing and verbal communication.