What It Means

What It Means Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a learning tool for identifying, understanding, and rephrasing clichés. Students are instructed to underline the cliché in each of the four provided sentences. After underlining, they must write down what each cliché means, translating the figurative language into its literal meaning. Finally, they are asked to rewrite each sentence in a way that conveys the same meaning but without using the clichéd phrase, thereby practicing the creation of original expressions.

The worksheet is teaching students to recognize clichés, which are often overused phrases that lack originality. It also helps students understand the actual meaning behind these common expressions, promoting a deeper comprehension of figurative language. By rewriting the sentences, students learn to express familiar ideas in new and more direct ways. This activity not only expands their vocabulary but also enhances their ability to think creatively and avoid overused expressions in their writing.