Sentence Rewrites

Sentence Rewrites Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is about identifying and understanding clichés in sentences. Students are instructed to underline the cliché in each of the seven sentences provided. After identifying the clichés, the students are then challenged to rewrite each sentence to convey the same meaning but without using the clichéd expression. This exercise requires students to not only recognize clichés but also to think creatively about how to express the same idea in a fresh and original way.

The worksheet is teaching students the skill of rephrasing overused expressions to enhance their writing with more original language. By rewriting clichéd sentences, students practice expressing ideas more directly, clearly, or uniquely. This activity encourages critical thinking about language use and promotes a deeper understanding of how to communicate effectively without relying on tired phrases. It aims to improve students’ writing by fostering a sense of creativity and a preference for clarity in expression.