Close Concepts

Close Concepts Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet provides a list of clichés, familiar expressions that have become overused in language, and prompts students to rewrite them in a more original manner. It presents ten clichés such as “hit the hay” or “cold shoulder” and instructs students to write an alternative way to express the same idea. The exercise encourages students to think creatively and to avoid relying on tired and overused phrases in their writing. Each cliché is followed by a blank space where students can write their rephrased version.

The worksheet aims to teach students the importance of originality and creativity in language use. By challenging them to rewrite clichés in their own words, it promotes critical thinking and encourages students to express ideas in fresh and unique ways. This activity also helps students develop their vocabulary and language skills by exploring alternative expressions to convey familiar concepts. Ultimately, the worksheet seeks to empower students to communicate effectively while avoiding clichés that can detract from the clarity and impact of their writing.