Groovy Font

Bubble Letter I #11

Worksheet Description

This worksheet features a bubble-style lowercase letter ‘i’ with a separate dot, outlined to help children with their writing and coloring skills. The design separates the dot from the base to emphasize the two distinct parts of the letter ‘i’. A space is provided at the top for students to write their names, allowing them to personalize their work. The large format of the letter and its dot is intended to make it easy for young learners to identify and trace the letter’s shape.

The worksheet is designed to teach students the lowercase letter ‘i’, including its formation with a separate dot above the base. By tracing and coloring the two parts of the letter ‘i’, children practice their fine motor skills and learn the correct way to write the letter. This activity also aids in reinforcing the child’s understanding of the letter ‘i’ within the context of the alphabet. Moreover, the separation of the dot from the base in the activity helps to ensure that students recognize the components of the lowercase letter ‘i’ when reading and writing.