Try a Poem

Try a Poem Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is an exercise in creative writing with a focus on the use of assonance. It provides a definition of assonance as the intentional repetition of vowel sounds in nearby words and explains how this literary device can enhance the rhythm and mood of poetry. Students are encouraged to try their hand at writing a few lines of poetry that include assonance, emphasizing that the lines do not need to rhyme. There is space provided for brainstorming words with similar vowel sounds before composing the poem.

The worksheet aims to teach students how to incorporate assonance into their writing deliberately. By inviting them to write poetry, it encourages the practice of carefully choosing words that have similar vowel sounds to create a musical quality in their writing. The exercise is designed to develop students’ phonetic awareness and creativity in poetry composition. Additionally, it helps students understand how assonance can be used to draw attention to certain words or ideas, thus enhancing the expressive power of their language.