Three Examples

Three Examples Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a literary exercise where students are required to find and record three examples of assonance from a piece of assigned reading. Each example is to be followed by the student’s description of the effect that the assonance has on the reading. The worksheet provides a structured format with separate lines for each example and its corresponding effect, guiding the student through a focused analysis. The task encourages students to delve into the text, identifying specific elements of poetic technique.

The worksheet’s aim is to teach students to recognize assonance—a repetition of vowel sounds in nearby words—and analyze its impact on literature. By asking students to describe the effect of assonance, it engages them in thinking about how assonance influences the rhythm, mood, and overall reading experience. This task also serves to enhance the students’ literary analysis skills, promoting a deeper understanding of how language can be used creatively to produce certain effects. Overall, the exercise is designed to foster an appreciation for the nuances of literary styles and techniques.