My Letters

My Letters Worksheet

Worksheet Description

You will take the series of letters and arrange them into the boxes.

This worksheet features large, bubble-style letters of the alphabet arranged haphazardly at the top of the page, with the instruction to color the letters and arrange them in ABC order. Students are directed to start from left to right, top to bottom, implying that the correct order should be written in the boxes at the bottom of the page. The letters given are “J,” “G,” “I,” “E,” “B,” “A,” “F,” “C,” and “D.” The layout is straightforward, focusing on the letters themselves, which allows for easy coloring and identification by the students.

The worksheet is designed to teach students the correct sequence of the alphabet, emphasizing the skill of arranging letters in standard alphabetical order. It also serves to enhance letter recognition as students must discern each letter before they can place it in order. The coloring aspect engages fine motor skills and can help in memory retention of letter shapes and order. Additionally, the task of transferring the correctly sequenced letters into the boxes aids in developing organizational skills and attention to instruction.