Ten-Thousands Abacus

Ten-Thousands Abacus Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed with multiple abacuses, each featuring four rods that are labeled from left to right as ‘Th’ for Thousands, ‘H’ for Hundreds, ‘T’ for Tens, and ‘O’ for Ones. The students are instructed to count the beads on each rod of the abacus and write the number that each place value represents. The worksheet is structured in a way that allows students to visually associate the quantity of beads with their respective place value, providing a hands-on approach to learning numbers.

The objective of the worksheet is to educate students on the place value system, particularly focusing on the thousands place. It reinforces their understanding of how each position, from ones to thousands, contributes to the overall value of a number. Through this practical exercise, students enhance their counting skills and learn to assemble multi-digit numbers from individual place values. The repetitive nature of the task helps to solidify their grasp of this fundamental mathematical principle.