Ones, Tens, Hundreds

Ones, Tens, Hundreds Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet displays several abacuses, each with three rods labeled ‘H’ for Hundreds Place, ‘T’ for Tens Place, and ‘O’ for Ones Place. Students are instructed to count the beads on each rod and write down the numerical value that each rod represents, combining them to form a three-digit number. The clear labeling of each rod assists students in identifying and understanding the value of the beads according to their position. The consistent layout throughout the worksheet is designed to help students focus on the counting task and the place value system.

The purpose of the worksheet is to educate students on the concept of the hundreds, tens, and ones place values in numbers. It aims to enhance their counting skills, particularly in grouping by hundreds, tens, and ones. Through this activity, students learn to recognize and write three-digit numbers, understanding the weight of each digit according to its position. The exercise serves as a practical application of the place value system, which is crucial for their future mathematical learning and comprehension.