Addition on an Abacus

Addition on an Abacus Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet shows a series of simple addition problems alongside blank abacuses. Each addition problem consists of two one-digit numbers and their sum is to be represented on the abacus next to it. An example at the top demonstrates how to represent the sum of 5 + 3 using beads on the abacus. The students’ task is to use this example as a guide to solve and represent the rest of the addition problems on the abacuses provided.

The worksheet’s goal is to teach students how to use an abacus to represent the sum of two numbers. It combines the process of addition with the tactile experience of counting and placing beads, thus helping students to visualize and understand the concept of adding values together. This hands-on method reinforces the students’ ability to perform basic addition and illustrates the practical use of an abacus as a tool for calculation. Moreover, the activity serves to engage the students with a physical representation of mathematical concepts, enhancing their learning experience.