HTO Beads

HTO Beads Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet depicts a collection of blank abacuses, each with three rods marked ‘H’ for Hundreds Place, ‘T’ for Tens Place, and ‘O’ for Ones Place. Below each abacus is a three-digit number that students are expected to represent by counting and coloring the appropriate number of beads on each rod. The exercise is clearly structured to guide students through the process of translating numerical values into a visual format using the abacus model. The task is designed to be straightforward, encouraging students to focus on the concept of place value and its visual representation.

The aim of the worksheet is to teach students about the hundreds, tens, and ones place values, and how to represent three-digit numbers on an abacus. It develops the students’ ability to recognize and partition numbers according to place value, which is a key skill in understanding the base-ten number system. This task also serves to improve students’ fine motor skills as they color in beads, and their attention to detail in ensuring the correct number of beads are displayed. By engaging with this activity, students reinforce their comprehension of number structure and prepare for more advanced mathematical concepts.