Jars of 7s

Jars of 7s Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a math activity designed to assess students’ knowledge of the 7 times table through a true or false exercise. Each problem presents a multiplication equation involving the number 7, and these equations are printed on images of jars. Students are instructed to color the jar green if the multiplication equation is true and red if the equation is false. The visual aspect of coloring aims to make the verification process of multiplication facts more engaging for the students.

The worksheet serves to teach students how to verify the accuracy of multiplication equations involving the number 7. By evaluating each statement as true or false, students practice their multiplication skills and their ability to recognize correct and incorrect products. This activity also helps to reinforce the concept of equality in equations and promotes critical thinking as students must decide the veracity of each problem. Completing the worksheet will aid in solidifying their understanding of the 7 times table, which is a fundamental part of their mathematical education.