Jars of 5s

Jars of 5s Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a true-or-false activity where students are asked to color jars based on the validity of multiplication equations related to the 5 times table. Each jar features a multiplication equation, and the instructions direct students to color the jar green if the equation is true and red if it is false. There are a total of eight jars, each presenting different multiplication facts for evaluation. This format not only tests the student’s knowledge of multiplication by 5 but also adds an element of color-based activity to make the learning process more engaging.

The worksheet is designed to teach students to quickly verify multiplication facts pertaining to the 5 times table. It helps to develop critical thinking as students must decide the accuracy of each equation. The activity also combines math skills with artistic expression, which can be beneficial for students who learn better with visual and hands-on activities. Additionally, by associating colors with correctness, the worksheet encourages students to associate positive reinforcement with correct answers, potentially aiding in the retention of multiplication facts.