4s Across

4s Across Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a vibrant, color-coded learning aid focused on the table of 4. It features a set of multiplication problems on the left, each with the number 4 as the multiplicand, and corresponding blanks for answers. On the right side, there are two columns with a mixture of correct and incorrect products. Students are instructed to color the correct answer for each equation, adding a visual element to the reinforcement of their multiplication skills.

The worksheet teaches the multiplication facts of 4 by encouraging students to recognize and select the correct products from a given set. This coloring activity is designed to help students reinforce their recall of the table of 4 in a way that is engaging and interactive. By searching for the right answer among distractors, students enhance their ability to focus and discriminate between possible outcomes. The use of coloring as a method of selection also adds a kinesthetic element, which can aid in memory retention and make the learning experience more enjoyable.