4s to the Pond

4s to the Pond Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet combines the concepts of multiplication and a path-finding puzzle to create an engaging learning activity for children. It depicts a series of lily pads, each with a multiplication problem from the 4 times table, leading from the starting point to an underwater scene where an octopus must find its way home. The journey from start to finish is marked by solving each multiplication problem, and the worksheet has a space at the top for students to write their name, personalizing the learning experience.

The worksheet is intended to teach the 4 times table through a visual and interactive narrative. By associating each step of the octopus’s journey with a multiplication problem, students can connect their math skills with a story, making the activity more engaging. Solving the problems in sequence helps reinforce the concept of multiplication order and number patterns. This method of learning aims to make the times table memorable and to encourage students to apply their multiplication skills in a creative context.