Words and Values

Words and Values Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is an exercise in matching numbers in standard form to their equivalent expanded form and number words. Students are given a list of three-digit numbers in standard form and two lists below it: one with numbers in expanded form and the other in word format. The task is to draw lines connecting each standard form number with its corresponding expanded form and word description. For example, a student would match the number “851” to “800 + 50 + 1” and “eight hundred fifty-one”.

The worksheet aims to reinforce the understanding of the relationship between the standard form, expanded form, and word form of numbers. It helps students to recognize that numbers can be represented in different ways while maintaining the same value. By engaging in this matching activity, students deepen their comprehension of place value and practice translating between different forms of numerical representation. This skill is crucial for developing number sense and fluency in mathematics.