Places to Compact Form

Places to Compact Form Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to help students convert numbers from expanded form to standard form. It presents a list of numbers in expanded form, such as “500 + 10 + 5,” and provides spaces for students to write the corresponding standard form. The first number is completed as an example, showing that “500 + 10 + 5” is written as “515” in standard form. Decorative plant motifs flank the sides of the list, adding a pleasant visual element to the page.

The worksheet’s educational goal is to reinforce the understanding of place value and the composition of numbers in the base-ten system. It teaches students to recognize that numbers are made up of parts, each representing different place values such as hundreds, tens, and ones. By converting from expanded to standard form, students practice the foundational math skill of number synthesis. This skill is critical as it underpins many other mathematical operations and concepts.