Places in Words

Places in Words Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a mathematical exercise designed to help students identify the place value of digits in three-digit numbers. Each problem presents a number, and the student is tasked with writing out the number of hundreds, tens, and ones that make up that number. An example is given at the start, where the number 672 is broken down into “6 hundreds, 7 tens, and 2 ones.” The worksheet includes a series of numbers for students to deconstruct, accompanied by a friendly illustration of a child, adding a visual appeal to the task.

The worksheet is aimed at teaching students the fundamentals of place value in the context of three-digit numbers. It reinforces the concept that the value of a digit is determined by its position within the number, with different places for hundreds, tens, and ones. This exercise helps students to better visualize and understand how larger numbers are composed, laying the groundwork for more advanced arithmetic operations. Mastery of place value is essential for number sense, which is a foundational skill in mathematics education.