Teddy Coloring

Teddy Coloring Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a combination of a math exercise and a coloring activity that revolves around the concept of place value for three-digit numbers. Students are instructed to write six given numbers in expanded form, showing each number as a sum of its hundreds, tens, and ones. Following this, they are to color a picture of a character according to a color code that corresponds to each number they have written in expanded form. The aim is to match the expanded form with the correct standard form number written on the character, and then apply the correct color based on this match.

The worksheet teaches students to understand and apply the concept of expanded form for three-digit numbers, reinforcing their grasp of place value. By writing out the numbers as sums of hundreds, tens, and ones, students practice decomposing numbers into their constituent parts. The coloring aspect of the activity serves to engage students further and provides immediate, visual feedback on their ability to match numbers correctly. This multi-step process not only solidifies their numerical understanding but also adds an element of fun to the learning experience.