Numbers and Expansion

Numbers and Expansion Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a learning tool focused on the place value and expanded form of three-digit numbers. It lists a series of three-digit numbers in a column on the left and provides spaces for students to fill in the numerical value of the hundreds, tens, and ones places. Alongside this, there is a column for writing the expanded form of each number, with the first number, 542, given as an example: “500 + 40 + 2 = 542.” Illustrations of a frog and a turtle add a visual element to the page.

The worksheet aims to reinforce the student’s ability to identify and understand the place value of digits in three-digit numbers. It teaches students to express numbers in expanded form, showing how each digit contributes to the total value based on its position as hundreds, tens, or ones. This exercise helps to solidify the concept of the base-ten number system, which is fundamental to understanding larger numbers and performing arithmetic operations. Moreover, the repetition of the task with different numbers enhances the student’s proficiency and confidence in working with place values.