Pink Wheel of 2s

Pink Wheel of 2s Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a math exercise designed around a central theme of the 2 times table, presented in a circular wheel format. In the middle of the wheel is the number 2, and surrounding it are numbers from 1 to 12 positioned at the ends of spokes leading to the center. The task for the students is to multiply each of these numbers by 2 and write the answers in the corresponding boxes that are arrayed around the wheel. There is also a space at the top of the worksheet for students to write their name, personalizing the assignment.

The worksheet teaches multiplication by two through a visually appealing and interactive design. It encourages students to think of multiplication as a function that transforms numbers in a set pattern, here visualized through the radial layout of the wheel. By associating each number with a physical location around the wheel, the worksheet also helps students with spatial memory. This exercise is aimed at reinforcing the students’ understanding of the 2 times table, which is a foundational element of basic arithmetic.