Product of 2s Steps

Product of 2s Steps Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet presents a “Multiplication Board” game themed around the 2 times table. It is laid out in a path format, where students begin at the “Start” sign and follow a sequence of multiplication problems from 2×1 to 2×10. Each step along the path is marked with a blank space where the answer to the multiplication problem should be written. The path leads to a “Finish” sign, guided by arrows that indicate the direction of progression, and there are cartoon illustrations of a dog at both the start and end points to add a playful element.

The worksheet is designed to teach students the sequence of the 2 times table in a fun and engaging way. By following the board game format, students can visualize the process of solving each multiplication problem in order. This not only helps with memorization of the times table but also with understanding the concept of sequence and progression in mathematics. Completing the board from start to finish reinforces the students’ familiarity with the 2 times table and provides a sense of accomplishment.