Missing Multipliers

Missing Multipliers Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a set of multiplication problems that require students to multiply two-digit numbers by single-digit numbers. Each of the twenty-one questions provides a distinct pair of numbers, with the two-digit number on top and the single-digit multiplier beneath it. The answers to the multiplication problems are already provided on the sheet, allowing students to check their work or to use the answers as a guide to practice reverse calculations. The format of the worksheet is clean and straightforward, focusing the learner on the calculation task at hand without any extraneous information or distractions.

The worksheet is designed to enhance a student’s skill in multi-digit multiplication, an important concept in arithmetic. It aims to improve computational fluency, accuracy, and speed in solving multiplication problems. By presenting solved problems, it also allows students to practice the method of ‘checking’ by performing the inverse operation of division. This helps in reinforcing their understanding of the relationship between multiplication and division, fostering a deeper comprehension of these fundamental mathematical operations.