Skill Review

Skill Review Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a math exercise tool containing six multiplication problems that pair two-digit numbers with single-digit numbers. Each problem is arranged within its own grid, which breaks down the multiplication process into individual steps to be completed within the provided squares. The grid format is particularly useful for helping students understand the correct placement of units and tens when multiplying. At the top of the worksheet, there is a line for the student to write their name, suggesting it is meant for individual practice or evaluation.

The worksheet’s aim is to teach students the procedure of multi-digit multiplication, emphasizing the importance of aligning numbers correctly and managing the carry-over process. It is designed to build students’ confidence in handling larger numbers and to reinforce the concept of place value. By systematically working through these problems, students practice the essential skill of multiplying individual digits and then summing the partial products to find the final answer. This practice is fundamental for mathematical proficiency and is a building block for more complex arithmetic operations.