Reach For the Clouds

Reach For the Clouds Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a matching activity designed to help students practice the 12 times table. It features a set of cloud-shaped graphics each containing a multiplication problem with 12 as one factor and a single-digit or two-digit number as the other. Below the multiplication problems, there are various products provided. The students are expected to solve the multiplication problems and then match each problem with the correct product by drawing lines or by visually pairing them.

The worksheet teaches students to multiply numbers by 12 and reinforces their ability to quickly recall the products of these multiplication facts. It aims to improve students’ problem-solving skills as they must calculate and then find the corresponding answer among multiple choices. This type of exercise not only practices multiplication but also helps students recognize patterns and relationships between numbers. Completing this worksheet will help in building a strong foundation for future mathematical learning, particularly in skills that require the manipulation and understanding of numbers.