Missing Parts of 12 Equations

Missing Parts of 12 Equations Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a series of fill-in-the-blank problems centered on the 12 times table. Each problem is structured to have either the multiplicand or the multiplier missing, requiring the student to deduce the missing number that, when multiplied by 12, results in the given product. The worksheet covers a range of products that are the result of multiplying 12 by numbers between 1 and 16. The layout is straightforward, with each equation formatted clearly to facilitate the student’s focus on the mathematical task.

The worksheet is intended to enhance the student’s multiplication skills, specifically with the number 12. It helps to solidify their understanding of the 12 times table by challenging them to identify the other factor in the multiplication equation. This skill is essential for developing mental math abilities and prepares students for algebraic thinking, where solving for unknowns becomes a central task. By completing this worksheet, students practice the concept of inverse operations, as they may use division to find the missing number in each problem.