Car Kickers

Car Kickers Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a creative learning tool that combines visual elements with multiplication practice focused on the 12 times table. It features illustrations of cars with a “smoke cloud” coming from the exhaust, within which a multiplication problem involving the number 12 is presented. Students are prompted to write the solution to each multiplication problem within the smoke cloud and then shade in the cloud, adding an interactive and artistic element to the math exercise. The worksheet includes multiplication by numbers 1 through 13, excluding the number 11.

The worksheet aims to teach students the 12 times table through a mix of visual art and multiplication exercises. By writing the answers in the smoke clouds, it reinforces their skills in calculating the products of 12 and other numbers. Shading the clouds after solving the equations provides a sense of completion and gratification, which can help in motivating students. This activity not only assists in memorizing the 12 times table but also adds an enjoyable aspect to the learning process, potentially making it more memorable.