Check That

Check That Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a categorical thinking exercise that involves yes-no questions for children to answer. Each question, such as “Is it a waffle?” or “Is it a shoe?”, is followed by a corresponding image. The child is instructed to put a checkmark in the “YES” or “NO” box next to each question, based on whether the image correctly represents the object in question. This activity not only tests object recognition but also reinforces the understanding of affirmation and negation.

The worksheet is designed to teach students to match names of objects with their images and to understand simple affirmative and negative responses. It enhances reading comprehension by requiring the child to read and process each question. The act of checking the correct box encourages decision-making and the concept of accuracy in response to a question. Additionally, this exercise helps in developing the child’s ability to follow instructions and categorize information based on visual cues.