Is This What It Says

Is This What It Says Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a simple yes-no question exercise designed for young learners to develop their reading comprehension and decision-making skills. Each question is phrased “Is it a/an [object]?” and is paired with an illustration that either matches or does not match the object in question. Children are asked to read the question, observe the picture, and then circle “Yes, it is.” or “No, it isn’t.” to indicate their answer. The worksheet includes a variety of common objects and living things to ensure a broad range of vocabulary.

The goal of this worksheet is to teach children to match words with pictures and to comprehend and answer yes-no questions correctly. It helps students to practice recognizing written names of objects and associating them with their corresponding images. This activity also encourages critical thinking as children must analyze the question and choose the correct response based on the visual cue. Additionally, it can serve as a foundation for building vocabulary and understanding basic sentence structures.