Word Wonders

Word Wonders Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet delves into the concept of tautology, which is the rhetorical practice of repeating the same idea using different words. Tautology often comes across as redundant and is typically avoided in effective writing. However, this worksheet introduces the notion that tautology can be used deliberately for stylistic effect. It challenges the traditional view by explaining how this repetition can enhance writing rather than detract from it.

The worksheet aims to teach students about the purposeful use of tautology as a literary device. It breaks down the etymology and general perception of tautology, highlighting its potential pitfalls in writing. The worksheet then shifts to demonstrate how tautology, when used intentionally, can add emphasis, clarity, or artistic flair. By the end of the exercise, students are expected to understand how to recognize and employ tautology effectively in their own writing.