Check The Box

Word Formation #3

Worksheet Description

This Word Formation worksheet presents a different approach to vocabulary practice by offering sentences with two options for word forms that students must choose between to correctly complete each sentence. For each statement, there are two checkboxes with different forms of a relevant base word; students must select the form that correctly completes the sentence. The options include different parts of speech or positive and negative forms of the words, like “ability” or “disabled.” The sentences are crafted to ensure that only one of the provided word forms can correctly fill the blank, enforcing attention to detail and comprehension.

The worksheet is designed to reinforce students’ knowledge of word formation, including understanding of antonyms, and correct usage of different parts of speech. It aims to develop students’ ability to discern between similar words and use context clues to determine the correct word form needed for a sentence. This activity promotes critical thinking as students must analyze each sentence’s meaning to make the right choice. Additionally, it aids in expanding their vocabulary by exposing them to different forms of a base word.