Sentence Writing

Word Formation #15

Worksheet Description

The “Word Formation” worksheet is a creative writing activity that challenges students to construct sentences utilizing different forms of given words. The worksheet presents three sets of words: “eat,” “economical,” and “invent,” each with their various forms, including a verb, an adjective, a past tense form, and a noun or participle. For each word form, students are required to write a unique sentence that correctly employs that form of the word, ensuring they understand how the word functions in different grammatical contexts.

This worksheet is aimed at enhancing students’ understanding of word forms and their appropriate uses in sentences. It encourages students to recognize and apply various grammatical structures, such as using “eat” as a present tense verb and “eaten” as a past participle. The task also helps to build vocabulary by familiarizing students with different derivatives of the same word, such as “economic” and “economics.” By completing this activity, students practice creating coherent sentences that demonstrate their grasp of how word forms change with function and context in the English language.