Complete The Sentences

Word Formation #10

Worksheet Description

The “Word Formation” worksheet is a language exercise that helps students learn how to modify words using prefixes and suffixes. The worksheet provides a series of sentences with blanks that students are required to fill in with a new word formed by adding a prefix and/or a suffix to the base word given in brackets. For example, students must transform the word “own” into “ownership” to complete the first sentence about the backpack. Each sentence is crafted in such a way that the new word fits grammatically and contextually into the sentence, allowing students to practice word formation in a practical setting.

The worksheet is teaching students about the flexibility of words in the English language and the role of affixes in creating new meanings and word forms. By adding prefixes and suffixes to base words, students learn to form different parts of speech, such as nouns from verbs or adjectives from nouns, expanding their ability to express nuanced ideas. This exercise also enhances their understanding of how prefixes and suffixes can alter the meaning of a word, such as turning a verb into an agent noun or an adjective into a noun denoting a state or condition. Overall, this activity improves vocabulary, spelling, and grammatical skills by demonstrating the dynamics of English word construction.