Come Up With Three

Word Choices #3

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is centered around the practice of refining word choice in writing. It prompts students to consider the imagery and connotations words carry by asking them to find three alternatives for each of the listed words: “pretty,” “laugh,” “see,” “like,” “walk,” and “bad.” The goal is for students to think beyond basic vocabulary and select words that more accurately depict the scenes and emotions they wish to convey. Each word is followed by lines where students can write their chosen synonyms.

The worksheet is instructing students on the significance of choosing words that not only fit the context but also enhance the descriptive quality of their writing. It encourages an understanding of how synonyms can vary in their intensity, emotional impact, and suitability for different situations. The exercise aims to develop students’ abilities to evoke clearer images and set a more precise tone in their narratives or descriptions. Ultimately, this practice helps students to become more effective and nuanced in their communication.