Who Does This?

Who Does This? Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet is a learning tool designed to familiarize students with various community helpers and their roles. It contains a series of questions in the top boxes, each asking students to identify a different community helper based on the service they provide, such as putting out fires or teaching to read and write. The bottom half of the sheet has images of community helpers, such as a firefighter, teacher, mail carrier, garbage collector, veterinarian, and waiter. Students are expected to match the picture of each community helper with the service described in the questions above.

This worksheet aims to teach students about the roles of different community helpers and the services they provide. It helps students understand how each helper contributes to the community, reinforcing their knowledge of social studies and community awareness. The matching activity also develops critical thinking as students must associate the descriptions with the correct individuals. Additionally, the worksheet can serve as a prompt for discussions about the importance of various jobs and the interdependence within a community.