What To Do

What To Do Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a fire safety activity that prompts students to think about the steps they need to take if there is a fire in their home. It provides lined sections for students to write down the actions they should perform in the event of a fire. Additionally, there’s a section for students to describe their family’s designated outside meeting place in case of a fire and an area to draw a picture of that meeting place. The illustrations of a firefighter on the worksheet serve to engage students and reinforce the theme of fire safety.

The worksheet is teaching students to be proactive about fire safety by having them articulate their emergency plan. It encourages critical thinking about safety and emergency preparedness, asking them to consider what specific actions to take during a fire. By instructing them to describe and visualize their family’s meeting place, it reinforces the concept of having a safe and clear destination during an emergency evacuation. This exercise not only educates students on safety protocols but also involves them in family safety planning.