What Life Was Like

What Life Was Like Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to combine language skills with historical knowledge. It features a brief introductory text about the 13 colonies on the East Coast of North America and their relationship with Britain. Accompanied by a colorful map of the colonies, the worksheet includes a word bank with terms such as “pilgrims,” “colony,” “colonists,” “country,” “rule,” and “obey,” which students can presumably use to fill in the blanks in the text. Below the text, there’s a space provided for students to draw their interpretation of life in the 13 colonies.

The objective of this worksheet is to engage students in a multi-faceted learning activity that involves reading comprehension, vocabulary, and creative expression. By using the word bank to complete the text, students reinforce their understanding of key terms associated with the period of the 13 colonies. The drawing exercise encourages them to visualize and internalize aspects of colonial life, fostering a deeper connection with the historical period. This integrative approach promotes retention of historical facts while also allowing students to explore the daily lives of the people from the 13 colonies creatively.