What is Important

What is Important Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a literary exercise that asks students to engage with a short story by both drawing and writing. The top of the page has a space for the student to write the title of the story. Below that, there is a large box allocated for drawing an important event from the story, followed by several lines where the student is prompted to write about the event they have illustrated. This format encourages students to think critically about the story and to express their understanding through both art and composition.

The worksheet’s objective is to enhance students’ comprehension and analytical skills by having them visually and textually represent a significant event from a story. Drawing the event allows students to interpret the narrative in a personal and creative way, which can aid in their understanding and memory of the story. Writing about the event requires them to articulate their thoughts and demonstrate their grasp of the event’s importance within the story. This dual approach fosters deeper engagement with the text and helps develop both visual literacy and writing skills.