What Happens

What Happens Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a graphical organizer for analyzing the structure of a short story. It is laid out to visually represent the typical narrative arc, with boxes labeled “Beginning,” “Middle,” “Climax: the most exciting part,” and “End,” as well as a box for “Then what happens?” following the climax. Students are instructed to fill in the boxes with descriptions of the major events that occur at each point in the story. There’s also a space for the title of the story, anchoring the exercise to a specific narrative.

The worksheet teaches students to identify and understand the components of a story’s plot. It focuses on recognizing the beginning, which sets the scene; the middle, where the plot develops; the climax, which is the peak of the action or tension; and the resolution or end. The exercise helps students to think critically about how a story unfolds and to distill its main events into a clear, structured format. This kind of visual representation reinforces the concept of narrative progression and aids in the development of summarization skills.